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Ephraim Hunte/EHP Ltd.

Ephraim Hunte Productions Limited, a dynamic company, was born out of the creative mind of Ephraim Hunte, a Trinidadian-bred professional makeup artist based in New York who's career began in 1981. His expertise extends from Makeup Beauty to the specialized areas of Makeup Special Effects for film and stage.

Areas covered at great depth were makeup special effects for Cuts and Bruises, 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree Burns, Ageing (one to three dimensional effects) Bald Cap Application, Beards, Face Painting, Airbrushing on face and body and various degrees of prosthetic application and more.


Makeup application After

In 1986 Mr. Hunte was awarded a certificate of excellence from IPANY (Industrial Photographers Association of New York) for his contribution to the flawless, airbrushed-looking finish in his beauty makeup.

Mr. Hunte’s professional career which peaked in the nineteen eighties to mid-nineties opened many doors of exposure and his works have graced pages in high profile magazines like Harper’s Bazaar and WWD totaling about thirty magazines in North America and Europe collectively. He was also the Beauty / Fashion Editor of EVERYBODY’S Caribbean magazine, based in Brooklyn, New York, for about 18 years to which he is still a contributor.

Blushing Bride Bridal Makeup

Mr. Hunte’s teaching in Trinidad started in 1998 during a visit and vacation and he saw an opportunity to plant a legacy from his many years of experience abroad. The courses taught will serve to empower both veterans and beginners, locally and in the region, to excel in this profession at international levels.

The E.H. International Makeup Academy will offer four general intensive professional makeup courses: The Basic Makeup Artistry course, the Makeup Artistry course, the Intermediate Advanced Makeup Artistry course, and the Advanced Makeup Artistry course. These courses are designed for either part time or full time curricula. Courses are presently being conducted at #16 Salandy Street, Diego Martin, Port of Spain, Trinidad, W.I.

Merging Beauty with Science

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one day personal enhancement workshops

Upon public request, we have put together a technical, hands-on workshop for personal enhancement. This will enable the individual to understand current products and basic makeup application techniques to suit their everyday needs. The first hour into the workshop provides a makeup chat-room that will address all areas of makeup education. The balance of the day will be devoted to practical exercises for natural day and evening makeup applications.


We also conduct additional Professional Workshops such as:

·  bridal makeup

·  makeup for mature skin

·  false eyelash application

·  eyebrow theory and arching

·  evening glamour

·  correctional and medical makeup


special makeup workshops

·  trauma and injury

·  burns

·  ageing

·  Camouflage Makeup

·  Carnival Makeup


·  makeup brushes

·  gift certificates

·  makeup artist’s services (For all Occasions)




  Merging Beauty   with Science


About us

Managing Director of EHP Ltd. (Ephraim Hunte Productions Ltd.), Mr. Ephraim Hunte has been a professional makeup artist in New York since 1981. His expertise extends from Beauty Makeup to the specialized areas of Makeup Special Effects for film and stage. Mr. Hunte is also an educator and consultant in the field of Makeup Artistry for cosmetic companies and schools in the United States of America, Africa and the Caribbean.

In the year 2003, EHP Ltd. launched a specialized school for Makeup Artistry called the Ephraim Hunte International Makeup Academy introduced to Trinidad and Tobago to provide a scientific and technical approach to this very lucrative professional area of the Beauty Industry- Makeup Artistry.

E.H.I.M.A offers intensive professional makeup courses as well as a Masters Makeup workshop(s) for makeup special effects.

I.T.M.A.- Introduction To Makeup Artistry & B.M.A.- Basic Makeup Artistry

full time – 4 days

class is held during the week from 9:00AM5:00PM

part time –Week evenikngs-3 WEEKS

class is held during the week utilising three evenings per week from 5:00PM to 9:00PM


4-5 Days - (9AM – 5pm)

These two certificate courses are the ideal makeup programs for a beginner in the field of makeup artistry. They are structured to equip the makeup artistry enthusiast with aesthetics and makeup information and so prepare them to venture into the industry well equipped and well informed.

.areas covered include:

Ø       Intro to products and tools

Ø       intro to skin care

Ø       Hygiene in Makeup

Ø       eyebrow shaping

Ø       daytime makeup

Ø       evening makeup


M.A.-  Makeup Artistry (60hrs.)

full time – 6 DAYS (Monday – Saturday)

class is held monday through Saturday FROM 8:00AM6:00PM

part time Evenings – 4 weeks

class is held during the week utilising three evenings per week from 5:00PM to 9:00PM


7 days - (9am – 5pm)

This certificate course is designed to fine tune the skills of professional make-up artists or cosmetologists whose interest is to hone their makeup application skills.

areas covered include:

Ø       tradtional eyebrow theory

Ø       Facial Mathematics

Ø       makeup for mature, Aged or dry skin types

Ø       balancing facial shapes

Ø       Counter-shading/contouring

Ø       Men’s Makeup


I.A.M.A.- Intermediate Advanced Makeup Artistry (80hrs.)

full time – 9 days

class is held monday through FOLLOWING TUESDAY FROM 800AM6:00PM

part time Evenings – 5 weeks

class is held during the week utilising three evenings per week from 5:00PM to 9:00PM


9 DAYS (9am – 5pm)

This course teaches the student the theories of correctional makeup techniques for lips and eyes; as well as colour and Eye theories for make-up. Additionally time management exercises are a part of this course.

areas covered include M.A. plus:

Ø       correcting  eye settings

Ø       false eyelash applications

Ø       colour and panchromatic theories for makeup

Ø       High-Fashion Makeup

Advanced Makeup Artistry- (110HRS)

full time – 2 weeks

class is held monday through Friday FROM 8:00AM – 6:00PM

part time Evenings – (7 weeks)

class is held during the week utilising three evenings per week from 5:00PM to 9:00PM


13 days (9am – 5pm)

The main structure and formula of this course will teach about the advanced correctional and enhancement aspects of good make-up applications and techniques which include acute professional application skills for photography, T.V./Video, film, stage, and fashion shows.

areas covered include I.A.M.A. plus:

Ø       bridal makeup

Ø       makeup for fashion shows, stage, theatre, TV, film




Mr. Ephraim Hunte - Managing Director

Ephraim Hunte Productions Ltd.
16 Salandy Street
Diego Martin

Phone: (868) 637-3363 , (868) 769-0473
Fax: (868) 695-1893


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